Advanced Pallet, Inc. offers a full line of pallets, crates & skids. It does not matter if you purchase new, recycled, or combo pallets, we can build any custom size and offer possible savings. Advanced Pallet will assist you with any odd size or custom pallet needs. We are truly a complete pallet service provider.

Heat Treating (HT ISPM 15) is available on ANY pallet we offer.

New Pallets

Advanced Pallet Inc. offers a complete line of standard and custom size new pallets. Our new pallet service compliments our recycled pallet programs to offer every customer one stop shopping. Heat treating is available for export use.


Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are available in (4) Four way access or (2) Two way access for forklift entry. Recycled pallets come in common sizes such as the 48" x 40" GMA (#1, #2), 36" x 36", 48" x 48" and many others. We can also build custom size pallets out of recycled material to reduce overall costs. Heat treating is available for export use.


Combo Pallets

Built with a mixture of new & recycled materials to reduce overall costs. Combo pallets are available in any size, new material can be used anywhere, on the outsides so the pallet looks nice, or where the most weight is on the pallet. Heat treating is available for export use.


Crates & Skids

We offer solutions for all of your packaging needs, from building crates assembled or unassembled and delivering to your door or taking care of the packaging at your location or ours. We offer any size and style of crate, built to meet your specific requirements at competitive rates. If your an individual looking to freight a single large item 500 miles away, or a business that purchases multiple crates in many sizes, Advanced Pallet, Inc. can help. Heat treating is available for export use.

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