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Heat Treated Pallets

Advanced Pallet, Inc. offers Heat Treatment services on all of our pallets, skids, & crates that are certified and compliant with ISPM-15 guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials in international trade.


Compliance certificates for overseas and across-border shipments with all Heat Treated products we offer are included with every order.


ISPM 15 Compliant Heat Treatment is available for all our pallets, skids, & crates; New, Recycled, or Combo's.

48 x 40 new gma softwood.jpg

48" X 40" GMA

Four-Way Entry

Standard GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) 4-Way Pallet. 

Export Approved Available.

No Minimum Order.

costco block pallet 160x160 2.jpg

48" X 40" Block

Costco Spec - Full Four Way

Costco Approved. Full Four-Way Access. Available Heat Treated or Non-Heat Treated.

No Minimum Order.

oversized pallet.jpg

Over-Sized Custom

Built to your needs.

Custom built to your products needs to any size and weight capacity. 48x96, 60x96, 72x72, 120x40 are just some examples.

transmission skid pallet end cap.jpg

Custom Sizes

Display Applications

Pallets built for specialty applications such as retail end-caps, or custom products. 20x48, 24x40, 24x20, 38x31 are examples of custom smaller pallets. Available in 2-way, or 4-way.

heavy duty 4x4 pallet.gif

Heavy Duty "HD" Pallets & Skids.

Heavy or Valuable Products

Heavy-Duty pallets are built to accommodate above average to extreme weight loads. Industrial usages including chemicals.

custom hold downs.jpg

Hold Downs & Braces

Built to your specification.

Shipping & Packaging hold-downs or braces to help secure your products. 

Any waste that is generated from our new pallet manufacturing is recycled into wood composite materials, bio-fuels, landscape products and animal bedding. Even the old nails are magnetically removed to be recycled, anything we can't use is recycled.

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