Heat Treated Pallets

Advanced Pallet, Inc. offers Heat Treatment services on all of our pallets, skids, & crates that are certified and compliant with ISPM-15 guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials in international trade.


Compliance certificates for overseas and across-border shipments with all Heat Treated products we offer are included with every order.


ISPM 15 Compliant Heat Treatment is available for all our pallets, skids, & crates; New, Recycled, or Combo's.

Standard GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) 4-Way Pallet. 

Export Approved Available.

No Minimum Order.

Four-Way Entry

48" X 40" GMA

Costco Approved. Full Four-Way Access. Available Heat Treated or Non-Heat Treated.

No Minimum Order.

Costco Spec - Full Four Way

48" X 40" Block

Custom built to your products needs to any size and weight capacity. 48x96, 60x96, 72x72, 120x40 are just some examples.

Built to your needs.

Over-Sized Custom

Pallets built for specialty applications such as retail end-caps, or custom products. 20x48, 24x40, 24x20, 38x31 are examples of custom smaller pallets. Available in 2-way, or 4-way.

Display Applications

Custom Sizes

Heavy-Duty pallets are built to accommodate above average to extreme weight loads. Industrial usages including chemicals.

Heavy or Valuable Products

Heavy Duty "HD" Pallets & Skids.

Shipping & Packaging hold-downs or braces to help secure your products. 

Built to your specification.

Hold Downs & Braces

Any waste that is generated from our new pallet manufacturing is recycled into wood composite materials, bio-fuels, landscape products and animal bedding. Even the old nails are magnetically removed to be recycled, anything we can't use is recycled.

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