Recycled Pallets


Advanced Pallet, Inc. manufactures and repairs recycled pallets in any size, including the standard 48" x 40" #1 & #2 grocery pallets. We carry a large selection of other common sizes, and manufacture custom sizes to accommodate your products, equipment, and pallet racking systems. Built to your specific specifications or we can help you design the best configuration for your needs.

- Heat Treatment (ISPM 15) is available on all recycled pallets.

- Two-way & Four-way available.

Standard GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) 4-Way Pallet. 

-Heat Treatment Available.

Four-Way Entry

48" X 40" Grade #1

Lower grade standard size GMA Four-Way pallet.

-Heat Treatment Available.

Four-Way Entry

48" X 40" Grade #2

Small block style pallet. Easy pallet jack & forklift access.

-Heat Treatment Available.

Light Duty - Full Four-Way Access

48" X 40" Block Pallet

Custom pallets built to fit your exact product needs to secure your product during shipments.

-Heat Treatment Available.

Built to specifications to fit your product

Custom Built Pallet

24x40, 36x36, 38x38, 40x40, 42x42, 44x44, 46x46, 48x48, 30x60, 30x72, 36x40, 36x42, 36x48, 40x48, 40x60, 42x48, 48x36, 48x42, & many more.

Standard Shipping Sizes

Two-Way Recycled Pallet

36x36, 36x42, 40x40, 40x48, 40x60, 42x42, 42x48, 44x44, 48x32, 48x36, 48x38, 48x40, 48x42, 48x44, 48x60, 48x72, 48x96, 72x48, & many more.

Standard Shipping Sizes

Four-Way Recycled Pallet

Any waste that is generated from our new pallet manufacturing is recycled into wood composite materials, bio-fuels, landscape products and animal bedding. Even the old nails are magnetically removed to be recycled, anything we can't use is recycled.

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