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Migratory Bee Lid Covers

migratory bee lid cover 1.jpg
beehive pallet cover lid custom.jpg


Plywood - New or Recycled (as available), 5/8"​, 3/4", 1 ⅛ , CDX, OSB, MDF, & more.

Custom built to your specifications. Lumber mills to your width and height. 3/8", 11/16", 3/4", and much more.

Access notches available.

Fully customization. Anything is possible. Contact us for special requests.

Dipping in a Paraffin custom formulated mixture available to increase lifespan of your equipment. We also offer painting,and stenciling your equipment.

We manufacture standard or fully customized equipment based on your needs. 

Lead times vary based on custom requests & quantity ordered from 1 week to up to 4-6 weeks for large orders.

beehive cover lids for pallet top.jpg
E-Mail or
Call us @ 209-497-8200

Any waste that is generated from our new pallet manufacturing is recycled into wood composite materials, bio-fuels, landscape products and animal bedding. Even the old nails are magnetically removed to be recycled, anything we can't use is recycled.

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