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Pallets Wanted



Advanced Pallet Inc. pays competitive market rates for 48" x 40" four-way pallet cores based on volume, and condition.  While we don't buy all sizes of pallets, we will accept and recycle all sizes in any condition to save you the costs of disposal and keeping pallets out of the landfill.


Larger Quantities Request a Pick-Up

Companies with larger amounts of pallets (100 pallets up to a full truck loads) we are able to service many different ways including; automatic weekly pickups, drop trailers, free pickups, and much more. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Market conditions change constantly. There are so many different pallet sizes, configurations, quality of the pallets based on if it's broken, or the age of it, sometimes its hard to give a price over the phone without looking at the pallets either in person or by texting pictures at a minimum, either way we would be happy to discuss your particular pallet situation with you.

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