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Combo Pallets

Advanced Pallet offers Combo Pallets which are manufactured with New & Recycled material. New material is used in conjunction of recycled material to keep the cosmetic appeal of the pallet as new while increasing the pallets load capacity, while placing recycled material on the inner of the pallet to reduce costs.


Depending on your needs, we are able to place new material in the best position on every pallet that would give you the highest strength capacity to protect your products from damages. Combo pallets can be manufactured in any size, and built to any customer specification with as much or as little new material your budget requires.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment (HT) is available for export use with any new pallet.

Any waste that is generated from our new pallet manufacturing is recycled into wood composite materials, bio-fuels, landscape products and animal bedding. Even the old nails are magnetically removed to be recycled, anything we can't use is recycled.

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